The ULTIMATE Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

The ULTIMATE Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

If you’re like me, odds are you’re too busy (and maybe a bit too lazy) to spend all day using different tools to fix your house up for the spring. No sweat! You only need one tool to take care of our Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist, the MEGAPRO Home & Garden Multi-Bit screwdriver.

It’s that time of year when we awaken from our calorie-induced slumber and finally get to some work around the house (assuming yours has thawed out by now). In recognition of that time-honoured tradition, below is our Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance checklist. Complete these nine tasks with your MEGAPRO Home & Garden multi-bit screwdriver in hand and return your property to its former pre-winter glory!

1) Check door hinges: Severe winter weather can impact where a door settles in a doorway. Be sure to check and tighten any loose screws on exterior door hinges.

2) Inspect and tune-up lawn maintenance equipment: Get the lawnmower and other outdoor equipment ready for the growing season. Check connections, tighten fittings, clean filters and replace/charge any dead batteries.

3) Check over gutters: Be sure to properly divert those spring showers by making sure all gutter and downspout clamps are tight and in the correct position.

4) Check for damage on decks and siding: Repair or replace any damaged wood to ensure your house maintains its best appearance come BBQ time.

5) Open and inspect air ducts and dryer vents: Clean out any air ducts and dryer vents to avoid accumulating excess dirt, debris, and allergens.

6) Check exterior lighting: Remove and clean light fixtures and replace any burnt out or broken bulbs.

7) Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Ensure they’re working properly so you can sleep, cook and entertain soundly for the rest of the year.

8) Check furnace filter: Check over the condition of the filter and clean or replace as needed.

9) Walk around the house with your driver in hand and see if there’s any other fittings that need tightening. Now’s the time to fix that loose table leg that’s been bothering you for months :)

By taking care of the above you can avoid costly repair bills or accidents in the future and give yourself the peace of mind to enjoy the rest of the year (and maybe a beer for your hard work). Remind yourself that effort now means summertime relaxation – besides, with the Megapro Advantage, you’ll be finished in no-time!





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